“It’s On Fire”: Allen Weh Campaign Ad

 Posted:  August 7, 2014

This is a new offering from the Allen Weh campaign.

This is a local farmer from Socorro talking about how things have changed around his area of New Mexico. He remembers how it used to be, remembers how things have changed to the point that the world is really “on fire”.

There used to be jobs, opportunity, a chance for little guys to run their own family store, open their own tire shop, have an impact in their community.

“Tom Udall,” the speaker from Socorro says, “has been in Washington D.C. too long.”

The point is, as we see it, that Tom Udall will not talk about issues you and your family have experienced. He won’t talk about 400,000 of New Mexicans on food stamps. He won’t talk about some of the highest unemployment rates in the country in New Mexico. He won’t talk about 30% of New Mexicans working for the government. He won’t talk about how ObamaCare has turned full time jobs into part time jobs. He won’t talk about 20% of New Mexicans under poverty level or New Mexico being the state with the highest dependency on the Federal government.

He won’t talk about people sleeping in their cars and more New Mexicans leaving the state than staying. He won’t talk about pushing for higher fuel standards of cars that you can’t afford and that are more dangerous. He won’t talk about closing NM power plants and running up the cost of electricity, plus costing jobs. He won’t talk about hindering the New Mexico oil and gas industry at every juncture when this industry pays over 20% of the taxes the state gets to operate each year.

There are a host of things Tom Udall won’t talk about. Perhaps New Mexico voters should judge him by what he doesn’t talk about rather than what he does.

Allen Weh is least opening up the discussion. Are you listening yet?

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