Keep Tom Udall Out of Your Kid’s Mind …

 Posted:  October 12, 2014

Common Core is just what it sounds like – common.

The Federal government has no control or say over local schools, the schools you send your son or daughter to so they can learn to read, do their numbers, learn about art and music, go out and play on the school ground, and grow up to be the individuals they are supposed to be.

No Child Left Behind was the last huge infringement by Washington D.C. into your local classrooms. Tom Udall voted for NCLB and was proud of it, till he wasn’t.

Now, Common Core is the latest conformity tidal wave. All the kids will learn the same stuff in the same way and their teachers will become like the automatic checkout machines at WalMart – they will just follow programmed learning from a book. You can be sure your kid will learn how to be exactly like all the other kids in class. Cookie cutter education is surely the answer for the teacher’s unions and teacher’s. They will teach to the tests, will get good scores, will get raises. It is just that evaluative thinking, originality, individualism will be gone, What a pity.

This linked radio show from The Blaze details Common Core. If you believe in Common Core it might be useful to you to listen to what all the crazy conservatives say about it.

It is, after all, your child you send to school.

A mind is a precious thing to abuse, even a more precious thing to lose.

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