Keystone XL Pipeline is Still Not Passed and Tom Udall Still Hasn’t Got the Picture

 Posted:  September 24, 2014

This week the House of Representatives passed a whole slew of energy related bills to push forward oil and natural gas drilling in the United States and pass the Keystone Pipeline which has been held up six years.

The bills which would generate jobs for Americans, tax revenues for government has been held up by environmental groups arguing that it would endanger water supplies and add to global warming. These claims, of course, have been discounted by Obama’s own State department and many independent groups who don’t have axe’s to grind.

Included in the linked article below is a report of a letter to Obama from 45 Senators – some Democrats – who urge him to approve the pipeline because there are so many compelling reasons to do so.

Tom Udall is not one of the Senators to sign the letter even though it would definitely not hurt New Mexico, a state that doesn’t fall in the path of the pipeline.

Tom Udall remains in the power of the environmentalists and will be until the end of time.

Tom Udall says he is for all energy but has never proved it.

When he is going to be asked about the pipeline he will probably just say it is on Harry Reid’s desk and under consideration.

The Pipeline will be a teen by the time that it gets considered and Canada will take their oil and go somewhere else where it is appreciated – like China. They don’t have any trouble buying our coal either. They know a good source of cheap energy when they find it and they aren’t troubled by global warming. That is for silly Americans.

Full article here >>>.

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