Krauthammer on Benghazi E-mails: “The Equivalent of What Was Discovered With the Nixon Tapes”

 Posted:  May 1, 2014

This is a story that has been with us for almost two years. It is a disturbing story of press manipulation, suppression of news, and the murder of four Americans in the Middle East unprotected by the very government they represented. At the heart of the story is the Obama administration funneling guns and weapons to terrorist groups to fight in Syria and using Ambassador Stevens to make the transactions. The problem is that the terrorist groups getting weapons was Al Qaida whom we fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and rung up a three trillion dollar debt and several thousand American deaths. It has been called the “Watergate” of our time.

Unfortunately, Tom Udall has made no significant comments about the case, refuses to talk about the involvement of our President , the CIA, and the U.S.Department of State. He chooses to talk about drought, windmills, climate change, affirmative action, Citizen’s United, and filibusters. One wonders how a man who has been in Congress so long has avoided talking about things that matter so long.

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