Lame Duck Democracy

 Posted:  June 26, 2014

Thomas Sowell writes words that Tom Udall only wishes he could live up to, and we wish Tom Udall would live up to as part of his oath of office requires.

“The Constitution of the U.S. does not give Presidents the power to carry out major policy changes without the co-operation of other branches of government. Once a country becomes disenchanted with a President during his second term, Congress has little incentive to support him either … Then, a President is called a lame duck.”

“President Obama has demonstrated time and again that he has no respect for the Constitutional limitations on his power …”

“Why do we have a Constitution of the U.S. if a President can ignore it without any consequences?”

“The Constitution cannot protect our rights if we do not protect it …”

“The most important thing to do is vote AGAINST anyone who violates our Constitution”

We have become a lame duck Democracy where not only does the President write laws, but chooses which ones not to enforce, or enforce. We have become a place where Congressman follow the President like he is a pied piper and take us over the precipice with not even a whimper.

Tom Udall supports Barack Obama’s agenda and fails to stand up for the rights of the Legislative Branch as an equal branch of government to the Executive Branch.

Perhaps New Mexican’s will decide they don’t want to march off the cliff, following Tom Udall and his progressive liberal agenda? Perhaps New Mexican’s will say No to the over-reaching Executive Branch of both parties? Perhaps New Mexico will say No to Tom Udall, our own pied piper?

If they don’t, we are just a lame duck Democracy that deserves all the restrictions on us that big government can and will devise.

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