Learn About the Border From Someone Who Knows About It

 Posted:  July 10, 2014

The linked articles below from the Westerner will give you a deeper insight into what is really happening in the southern part of our state, and neighboring states, than reading the Albuquerque Journal or watching local news stations.

If you want to know about events it is recommended that you explore information on the Internet and blogs that actually think about events and their impact on New Mexicans.

Go to the mainstream media if you want to get part of the story. Go to DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com and other blogs like the Westerner if you want to get the rest of the story.

Full article here >>>.

Second article here >>>.

Third article here >>>.

Fourth article here >>>.

Fifth article here >>>.

Sixth article here >>>.

Seventh article here >>>.

Eighth article here >>>.

Nineth article here >>>.

Tenth article here >>>.

Eleventh article here >>>.

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