Local Control is Everything

 Posted:  July 12, 2014

Lose that and you lose your way of life, your community, your chance to have a say.

This linked article discusses a survey taken of Dona Ana residents BEFORE the Udall/Heinrich/Obama Land Grab. The article discusses the results of the survey and makes the point that, once again. Tom Udall is beholden to out of state radical environmental groups and acts time and again for their goals, not the wishes of the New Mexicans he is supposed to represent.

It is over now. Obama has taken 25% of Dona Ana County land and made in INACCESSIBLE to the people who have been using, or will ever use it, except, of course, the drug cartels from Mexico who now have a better road to pedal their wares.

In the survey, taken by the Goal Advocacy group, majorities in all groups of Dona Ana County residents – men and women, Hispanics and Anglos, Republicans and Democrats wanted a designation of land that allowed access to law enforcement, protected ranchers and allowed for the maintenance of flood control projects. They wanted decisions to be made locally through the legislative process.

What they got was Udall/Heinrich/Obama taking land for their environmentalist buddies and changing the course of New Mexico once again. There was, despite local media prefabricating, lots of people who didn’t want this land to be taken by the Federal Government. There is lots of Federal government involvement in New Mexico and this is just more.

Local control is essential. Once you give up your control of your community to Washington D.C. you have lost your self government.

Tom Udall doesn’t care about your self government. He cares about big central government and big central planning. He believes all land belongs to the Federal government and they will make the proper decisions about how and when and of you can use it, even though it is your back yard.

1984 took a while to get here, but it’s prime steward is Tom Udall.

Full article here >>>.

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