Local News and Information: New Mexico at a Glance

 Posted:  July 14, 2014

On the home page of this site is an outline of the state of New Mexico and dots within the borders of the state. By clicking each dot on the map (or clicking the cities listed at the bottom of the map – 36 cities in all), you get a brief news peek at events happening in the individual cities.

New Mexico is more than Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or Las Cruces. The state is varied in climate, economic development, issues. By clicking on the individual cities you come away with an idea of events that are happening in the state on a regional basis. What is good for one city may not be good for another.

By having a chance to look at the issues that concern different parts of the state in one place it is easier to judge how the votes and behaviors of Tom Udall have different effects in different places in New Mexico. Since the position he holds is supposed to represent the entire state this becomes a way to make sure that he is doing that. Understanding our state better will make you a better judge of the right person to represent the state.

Even in a rural state far from Washington D.C. it is easy to see how laws passed by the Federal government seriously affect New Mexico residents. Since New Mexico is largely owned and managed by the Federal government one needs to pay strict attention to what is happening on a national basis because government controls New Mexico.

Click on a city in New Mexico and take a little trip. We are all affected by the votes of Tom Udall and will be for the rest of our lives because laws are rarely amended and rarely cancelled. Votes he has made in his last fifteen years will influence your children and their children and they will pay for his big government biases.

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