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 Posted:  July 14, 2014

On the right sidebar of this Website you’ll find a place for generous and thoughtful patrons to contribute money towards the maintenance of this site, production costs and advertising directed at getting the word out to the public.

This Website was created for a specific reason and a specific moment, and this is that time. The site is created and maintained locally by a staff 100% composed of native New Mexicans who care about their state and its future.

The site contains information and analysis that will help New Mexico voters in this 2014 election. It specifically profiles Tom Udall in his race for re-election to the U.S. Senate. The position is an important one and voters are well served to make sure the person they vote for truly represents their beliefs about issues of the day.

This Website is chock full of ideas, articles, videos etc. that challenge individual New Mexicans to work a little harder than normal before they vote.

Donations are made via PayPal and donors can make the donations using a credit card (no PayPal account required). The donations are not tax deductible and thanks all for their gifts to our cause.

New material is added daily and costs are always present. In this case, Uncle Sam doesn’t pay the bills. Your thoughtfulness is needed and appreciated. This Website is consistent in its message and consistent in its goal to make sure all voters know that what Tom Udall says and what he does are two different things, that Tom Udall is a partisan big government central planner, and that Tom Udall believes in redistribution of your wealth and control of natural resources.

Donate early and make it a habit.

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