Maybe You Do Believe in the Constitution: Tom Udall Doesn’t

 Posted:  July 12, 2014

Though this linked article below is old, the ideas in it are current and viable. Though it was written by a pastor that doesn’t mean that the ideas discussed are not true or valuable to you even if you don’t go to church, don’t believe their is a God, or don’t want religion in the public sector even though it is already there walking around in people’s hearts and minds.

The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the U.S. and people we send to Congress, regardless of their political party, should be judged on how well they uphold the Constitution because it is that document that was constructed to protect individual liberty.

Here are a few things that might make you Constitutionalist:

  1. You believe leaders should obey the Constitution.

  2. Before the U.S. goes to war and invades or occupies another country, Congress must declare war.

  3. The Federal government should live within its means, like the rest of us do.

  4. Taking away people’s liberties in the name of security is wrong and doesn’t give us security.

  5. We have three co-equal branches of government who are supposed to be watching each other closely.

  6. The Federal government has no business in law enforcement or education.

  7. Freedom has nothing to do with illegal immigration.

  8. Gun control laws just help criminals and trample the rights of law abiding citizens and are against the Constitution.

  9. Seizure of private property is plain old fashioned thievery.

  10. Airport screeners have no right to pat down people’s bodies.

There are other examples given but the suggestion is that NEITHER political party today respects the Constitution and NEITHER is following the Constitution. That is a shame because the Constitution is what gives us rights and when politicians don’t stand for the Constitution they take away our rights.

Tom Udall is not a Constitutionalist. He believes in re-organizing society, redistributing your wealth, collectivism, and controlling your freedom of speech, association, mobility, and use of your property.

You join the party of your choice. You vote for the candidate of your choice.

Give up your freedoms if you wish, but don’t take mine while you are pulling the lever.

Full article here >>>.

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