Meet the Most Partisan Senator: Tom Udall

 Posted:  May 25, 2014

Don’t take our word for it. In 2013, Tom Udall voted with his party 92.5% of the time. He voted with Senator Charles Schumer most often of all his Senate colleagues.

Tom Udall has glowing words for himself about his bi-partisanship, his ability to work across the aisle. He fills Google with stories of his trials and tribulations with opponents and has spent a lot of time and energy making the minority party even more a minority – although they are only six votes shy of having a majority in the Senate and replacing Harry Reid. He was instrumental in taking away a long time traditional Senate rule that required 60 votes to pass bills and confirm nominations. He wanted to make sure his party controlled everything and legitimate questions about bills and nominations never got heard.

Tom Udall, who claims the Senate is broken and he is the only one who could fix it, has fixed it so he will not get to filibuster Republican nominees and bills when the Republicans take over the Senate – which they will do. Neither party has held onto control of the Senate forever.

Independent voters, who seem to want co-operation, will not get it from Tom Udall. What Tom says and what Tom does are two different things. Tom Udall says anything, but votes with a very specific agenda. He votes with the most liberal wing of his party and recently was confirmed as the “Most Liberal Senator in the Senate”.

For voters wanting any kind of compromise, they aren’t going to find it from Tom Udall.

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