Meet Thomas Sowell Talking About Why He is No Longer a Marxist or a Progressive

 Posted:  August 13, 2014

This man has been on the scene for a long time and always has interesting things to say whether you want to believe them or not.

In this linked video he makes a few points worth thinking about:

  1. Government can’t do what Progressives want it to do and their policies often make things worse.

  2. The liberals, or anointed ones, believe they are superior to the rest of us and want government to force us to do what they feel we should be doing.

  3. In supply and demand economics people usually get paid what they are worth.

  4. Liberals and progressives believe people are good and institutions are flawed and if you change the institutions things will be solved.

  5. Conservatives believe men are fatally flawed and you make the best trade offs you can, find the best solutions to problems you can, and don’t expect some grand social scheme to fix human nature. Government makes bad men worse, and good men bad.

In the end he says liberals beliefs usually fall apart when you ask them three questions:

  1. Compared to what?

  2. At what cost?

  3. What is the evidence?

Thomas Sowell, once a leftist, changed once he met the real world. He worked in government and saw how it worked.

Tom Udall has never left the government cocoon. He knows how it works. It works to his advantage. Small wonder he still pushes it with all his might.

Tom Udall is one of those anointed ones.

We are tired of getting pushed around by his ideology and his votes.

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