Men Need to Have Jobs According to Women

 Posted:  September 26, 2014

We have referenced a lot of material from Alex Jones and Inforwars. It is not that we agree with everything he says but he just continues to report on issues that we feel are critical and important.

Reading the mainstream media is like reading the funnies over and over and over each day.

You don’t get insight, clarity, focus, or truth.

We prefer to read articles that peak our interest and this is one of them.

The number one thing women want these days is a guy with a job. Having a job anchors relationships, starts families, raises children, transmits values and culture.

We want to know when THIS COUNTRY, AND TOM UDALL, is going to get off the bashing business carousel and pass some pro-growth, pro-small business legislation that helps all Americans?

We want to know when the obsequious politicians we have quit taking money from big business, letting big business write laws that help them, and grow big government like a huge cancer that slows the entire economic pipeline with regulation creating cholesterol?

We want to know when women are going to quit voting Democrat so guys can actually get a job and make their women happy?

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