Milleneals Unemployment For June 2014 is 15.2%

 Posted:  July 6, 2014

Generation Opportunity, using Bureau of Labor Statistics, have come up with real unemployment numbers for milleneals, including those who have quit looking.

  1. Unemployment rates for 18-29 (blacks) 22.6%
  2. Unemployment rates for 18-29 (Hispanics) 11.9%
  3. Unemployment rates for 18-29 ( whites) 9.7%

As a spokesman for the think tank said, “On top of not having jobs and struggling with student debt, young people are paying for crony government policies like the Export-Import Bank …”

By the way, if you are a milleneal thinking of voting for Tom Udall check the benchmark vote section of this website. Tom Udall has voted for the Export Import Bank which loans money at great rates to several big big companies&bsp;- Boeing being the largest user of the Fund.

If you are 18-29, check out some of the other votes of Tom Udall and see if they don’t surprise you. He is a crony capitalist from way back who only talks a good down with Wall Street rap.

Full article here >>>.

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