Mini-Course on Socialism

 Posted:  August 19, 2014

This short article linked below gives an overview of Socialism. There are actually political figures in Congress now that promote Socialism as the future vision the U.S. should be working towards. A number of them represent New Mexico in Congress and the White House.

A very famous quote attributed to Margaret Thatcher of Britain was that “socialism works really well until you run out of someone else’s money.”

With Socialism you don’t have a roller coaster ride. Peaks and valleys are smoothed. You don’t benefit from your own individual effort or risk. Things are leveled out and you become part of the collective, just another little worker drone in the hive who won’t get too little or too much, as decided by your fellow drones.

Some people like the collective, like pulling the rope with others. Others like to do their own thing, like freedom, take challenges, accept inequality, don’t mind competition.

This election, like many others, reflects your vision of society. The scary part is that others votes chain you to the collective whether you want to be there, or not.

Voting is all about taking away someone else’s choice’s.

That is the scary part.

Full article here >>>.

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