More Bad News and More Tom Udall Silence: The Taliban Trade

 Posted:  June 5, 2014

The name of this particular scandal is going to be the Bergdahl Boomerang.

The White House, without telling anyone, made a trade of one American prisoner for five Taliban prisoners – not a very good trade just on the numbers involved.

The deal got worse when it was publicized that the American prisoner had deserted his post and caused members of his military unit to be killed. Trading one deserter who may be colluding with the Taliban for five confirmed terrorists is a really really bad deal.

Once again, the President acts impulsively and doesn’t council with anyone. He acts first and worries about consequences later.

Once again, we have not heard any statement from Tom Udall and our N.M. Congressional delegation. We want to hear what their take on the matter is.

Tom Udall will come to the press conference with a fully scripted statement and its content will be well scrubbed and politically correct. His opponent in the election has already commented on the incident. We wait for Tom to get around to collecting his thoughts.

It is a long time policy of the U.S. not to negotiate with terrorists. This deal opens the door for a lot more trouble. We have a volunteer military and service men and women know the dangers of the job. It seems it would have been more appropriate to determine where Bergdahl was being held and rescue him. That would have brought more glory to an administration still reeling from the V.A. scandals.

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