More Cotton Candy From Tom Udall

 Posted:  August 22, 2014

The Tom Udall campaign continues to roll out ads that show “identity politics” at their finest.

This most recent ad tells the story of how Tom Udall helped get clean water for a New Mexico family – one of hundreds near the Navajo Nation who will no longer have to haul water to their homes because Udall was able to secure funding for a major water pipeline project.

Mentioning in passing that Tom Udall gets much money from Indian tribes because of his support for their casinos, has a family foundation that links him to Indian causes, comes from Farmington whose Indian voters helped get him in Congress from District 3, and heads up a Committee on Indian Affairs in his daily duties, we do not think he is being too altruistic in his actions. Tom Udall is not a man of the people, but a man of “identity politics”.

As a friend of ours, the man in the street comments, “Look at the people in his ads and you see who he takes money from.”

The Navajo nation is a sovereign nation and are ultimately responsible for Indians living in their nation. The U.S. government that Tom Udall loves so much has not helped the Indians much. Why is a pipeline for water okay but a pipeline for energy isn’t? Don’t people need energy to survive too?

Once again, Tom Udall runs his “bleeding heart campaign”.

We are glad these folks got their water and don’t have to haul it. We are asking for more facts about why the government is doing these things and not the state of New Mexico? Why should tax money for national projects be diverted to what is essentially a state problem?

You won’t get the real answer because cotton candy is Tom Udall’s favorite treat. It tastes good, people like it, but after a while it starts to make you sick.

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