N.M. 20th in Education Spending But Results Still Low

 Posted:  May 12, 2014

While this article is recent, the subject matter is ancient. New Mexico has always been in the bottom of states in student achievement. While the state is spending more money per student ($11,000 plus per year), the test scores have not been rising. New Mexico spends in the top 20% of all states but achieves in the bottom 5%. There are excuses commonly used: 1) New Mexico is a poverty stricken state. 2) New Mexico is a rural state. 3) New Mexico is a culturally diverse state. These excuses would be fine but there are many cases of educational success with the same kinds of students who attend private schools, charter schools etc. Public schools are not necessarily doing a bad job; it is just that, for many students, other educational settings would be better and be cheaper. There is nothing wrong with wanting a bang for your bucks.

Ask Tom Udall and money is always the answer and public schools are always the answer. Perhaps parents in New Mexico want their children to have opportunity? Perhaps the public school monopoly on education should be broken? Perhaps Tom Udall should admit that his votes and feelings on education are not helping New Mexico kids and he should move over and let someone else drive the stagecoach? Public schools are not all bad, but, in New Mexico, they are not all good either.

Tom Udall should be smart enough to recognize that teachers and teacher’s unions do what is best for them first, and what is best for kids second. Kids vote on schools by dropping out. Parents need to vote for someone that supports giving options to students and parents. Tom Udall, on this issue, as well as others, is a one trick pony.

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