NAFTA is Twenty Years Old: How is Hope and Change Working For You?

 Posted:  August 18, 2014

NAFTA and the old Gatt Treaty, that was resigned and renamed the World Trade Organization Treaty, have done what they were intended to do.

They were negotiated and written by large multinational businesses and governments to continue the push towards the new One World Economic System. Praised by Bush Senior and Bill Clinton, continued by Bush Jr and Obama, our Federal Government has continued their insidious push for hurting American workers and the middle class.

There are a myriad of reasons given in this linked article that describe the horrendous effects of NAFTA on Americans. Even today, in Congress, there are rumblings that “free trade” might not really be “free trade” and might not “help the U.S. worker”.

Tom Udall has a mixed record on free trade in his votes while, in his rhetoric, he is very much against it.

He voted against NAFTA but voted to allow President Clinton to “fast track” NAFTA and virtually assure its passage.

He supports the WTO and voted against a bill that would have pulled us out of it.

There is another trade blockbuster that is being negotiated by the Obama Administration that has no Congressional input. Tom Udall has written a letter to ask that workers be protected but we know that that is just a CYA on his part. Tom Udall is good for writing good sounding and not so good sounding letters that do no good. When it comes vote time, he caves in against the American worker.

Ask him about the TPP Treaty and if he will vote against his President when push comes to shove?

We are guessing Tom Udall won’t talk about the TPP, will say he is for you and your kids, will say he hasn’t got a comment, will look the other way and talk about minimum wage.

If Tom Udall won’t protect the American worker, local small business, the middle class, doesn’t that tell you who he does represent?

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