National Federation of Independent Business Owners Calls Tom Udall a “Zero”

 Posted:  October 26, 2014

The linked page is the 2013 ratings of representatives in Congress by the National Federation of Independent Business. This group is made up of small businesses all over the country and the organization lobbies for things that help small business in New Mexico communities, and communities all over the country. They follow votes, report to members, and keep track of who is really for small business.

Tom Udall makes a lot of noise about helping small business. However, in 2013, he received a rating of 0% from this group. Zero is a really low number and a really hard number to achieve. You have to try real hard to get zero at anything.

It is 2014 and maybe Tom Udall changed a few votes to pull himself in front of Martin Heinrich who is doing a Survivor Series, kind of like all the small business folks waiting for him to help.

There is much more to helping small business than just keeping a base going and employees from the base drink coffee and help the little guy – the theme of a recent Tom Udall ad. You have to help small business by dealing with banks, credit, taxes, wage increases, utility increases, regulation and legislation.

Tom Udall got a 0 rating so it is clear he doesn’t help the small business folks in your town. When he says he does he is either misrepresenting the truth, or he doesn’t know any different.

You choose – they are both bad choices.

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