Neocons and NeoLiberals Are Both to be Feared

 Posted:  September 11, 2014

The linked article below is a very succinct appraisal of the condition we now find ourselves in the U.S.

We have a two party system that is really a one party system.

We have the illusion of choice without having a choice.

We have a rule by elites that support the big powerful state, carefully controlled and contrived elections, and a hardening of the arteries that portends a massive stroke or heart attack.

This article supplements ideas presented in the America’s challenges Videos on this Website and reminds that dropping out of politics is a growing and non-reversible trend in American politics.

We know the Neoliberals hate the Constitution, hate America, and are taking us towards third world status in a post sovereign world of the New World Order where you can’t say what you want, raise a finger to object, or keep what you earn.

We know the Neocons also favor the Police State, the spreading of war around the globe, and supporting big business, big banks, and big money.

In fact, if you look at the votes, neither party is safe. It is a battle for the soul of the country and us little guys are losing.

Full article here >>>.

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