Nepotism is Not a Queen in Ancient Eqypt

 Posted:  June 11, 2014

Way back in 2008, nepotism reared it’s head again. Then Congressman Tom Udall sought to get his son-in-law appointed as the head of the Bureau of Elections in New Mexico under the direction of the Secretary of State. At the time James Noel was married to Udall’s daughter, who, by the way, was Udall’s campaign manager. The job with the Elections Bureau brought in a tidy salary of $97,000 a year which is good peanuts for New Mexico.

There was a huge outcry, and, rightfully so.

So James Noel didn’t take the job but Udall worked to get another man who had connections with him the job. Santa Fe attorney, Gerald Gonzalez, took the job but resigned in a few months because his management style didn’t fit the organization.

The Udall’s do have quite a dynasty going that includes all the family. Government is a family affair and since the Udall’s are better suited for government than private enterprise they are only doing us a favor when they take these positions.

Tom Udall has moved on but he has taken his nepotism with him. His daughter, by the way, also managed Bill Richardson’s campaign and made a good chuck of money.

Nepotism is alive and well in New Mexico and alive and well in the nation’s capital.

Tom Udall likes to count votes and especially likes to see his family counting the votes.

This man, who wants to change the Constitution, has quite a history. He will tell you that it was all above board and that his son-in-law was qualified for the job. We tend to think that a better decision would been to have never made the suggestion to avoid the look of impropriety.

That he made the suggestion shows that Tom Udall has too much arrogance and is too confident in his situation to worry about things like appearances.

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