New Mexicans Deserve to be a Right to Work State but Need a Senator Who Will Vote For It

 Posted:  June 3, 2014

The Right to Work is really not that complicated. It means that if a New Mexican works for an employer who is Union, he or she does not have to join the Union and does not have to contribute Union dues to keep his or her job, dues that are now automatically taken out of each paycheck.

In this article, Right to Work is discussed and it’s benefit to New Mexican’s is substantiated.

One source, Democratic, is quoted as saying that “25% of companies working to come to New Mexico won’t do it unless New Mexico becomes a Right to Work State.”

Tom Udall, who always says he is for business but votes against business, voted in 2009 against a National Right to Work Act that would have stopped compulsory unionism. Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico, has made news in her efforts to deal with this issue.

Rand Paul is introducing a new 2014 National Right to Work Bill in Congress. Let’s see what Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich do with it.

Talking one way and doing another way is a real big No No. We are used to it with Tom Udall though. He is a master at taking credit for votes he didn’t make.

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