New Mexico Almost Became a Right to Work State

 Posted:  September 23, 2014

It was back in the Bruce King days. The legislature in New Mexico actually sent a bill to the Governor’s Office about right to work and Bruce King vetoed it. New Mexico has been one of the highest poverty states since then, and still requires more federal dollars than most other states to survive. Neighboring states to New Mexico all show more economic growth.

There have been reports out that show that not being a right to work state has hurt New Mexico in attracting business and jobs.

Governor Martinez has tried to get the Democratic controlled legislature to co-operate on making New Mexico a better place for business, but has met with negligible success.

Ask your candidates for Senate, Tom Udall and Allen Weh, their ideas about right to work.

Do you want to see New Mexico remain a ward of the state or do you have more optimistic plans for the state?

Right to work is an important issue in New Mexico and we need a representative who will fight for right to work. People can belong to any unions they wish, but it is not right to force them to belong to a union in order to work and support themselves.

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