New Mexico Blogger in the Liberal Tank

 Posted:  June 27, 2014

Just when you thought you could trust what you were reading, you are jerked back.

This linked article by Politix Fireball concerns a top New Mexican blog by Joe Monahan who gets some attention in various nationwide polls about top political blogs in New Mexico.

As is so often the case, one finds that blogs can be and are biased in one direction or another. It has been noticed that Joe Monahan gives preferential treatment to Tom Udall. That is not something that is guilty of.

We believe that politicians need to be held accountable and that what they say is always to be questioned. We believe that Tom Udall has made a political history of fooling most of the people most of the time. We believe that Tom Udall has his sidekicks, like Joe Monahan, who cook the books and try to look fair and unbiased.

Do your own research. is a clearinghouse of information on a man who has been making bad decisions for a long time and will, if re-elected, continue to make them.

He might represent you and that is okay. Just don’t vote for him thinking he represents you and then find out, from someone more objective than Joe Monahan, that he doesn’t.

That is – as they say – a bad hair day.

Full article here >>>.

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