New Mexico Can’t Feed it’s Own Children Much Less 50,000 of Them Crossing Our Borders Unaccompanied: 100,000 Altogether (Children and Adults)

 Posted:  June 29, 2014

The linked article below from the Albuquerque Journal poses some questions:

  1. Why, in this age of NSA and spying on everything, didn’t someone know that thousands of refugees were moving through Mexico and crossing into the United States?

  2. Who gave the order to open the border and let everyone in?

  3. Why can’t anyone in the government give a number of illegals who have crossed into the U.S. and disappeared into the interior?

  4. Why is the taxpayer being socked for millions to house and take care of the illegals, including court costs, lodging and food when they should have been stopped at the borders?

  5. Why didn’t someone in the Federal government send children back early to get the word out that they were not going to be able to stay here?

  6. Why does the U.S. need to advertise in Central America to tell people they cannot come into the U.S.? Doesn’t this show the open border problem that causes these crisis?

  7. Are they keeping the magnitude of the problem secret until after the mid- term elections in November?

  8. Was this crisis manufactured by the current Administration to force Congress to deal with a so called immigration problem that has become a problem by not enforcing border security?

  9. Why aren’t Federal troops on the border to keep them closed?

  10. How many terrorists and gang members are now in the U.S., in your community because of this total breakdown?

  11. Who pays for this problem – the Feds who created it or the states who have to clean up after it?

There are questions after questions, but Tom Udall hasn’t said a peep at all. All he says is that we need comprehensive immigration reform. It appears first that we need border control. It appears that his Federal government is not executing the law and are not being held accountable. It appears that Tom Udall wants to remain silent. He is silent on a lot of things.

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