New Mexico Congress Persons Wonder about New Mexico Business Stagnation

 Posted:  June 16, 2014

The linked article describes a meeting of New Mexico’s Congressional Delegation doing a workshop on business in New Mexico. can only wonder if any of the Congressional Representatives did research before coming to the meeting?

Ben Ray Lujan accepted that New Mexico has flat line economic growth when compared to neighboring states. He refused to mention that virtually ALL economic growth in the U.S. now is happening in Red States with business friendly state legislatures.

Michelle Lujan-Grisham, another part of the New Mexico Lujan Dynasty that has crippled business in New Mexico for decades talked about public private partnerships. We have seen where this leads – crony capitalism, special favors for businesses you like versus those you don’t.

Steve Pearce brought up items such as government regulations, taxes, and uncertainties about what the government will do that affect business decisions. This was helpful to the discussion but did not bring anything new to the table.

Perhaps one of the three Representatives can check out these possibilities for the lack of growth of business in New Mexico:

  1. One Third of New Mexico works for the government (city, county, state, federal) in one capacity or another. This is expensive services poorly administered, and poorly funded. This means that the taxes have to be high to maintain a public sector this large. Why would I want to move to a state that has too much government?

  2. Publications across the Internet all describe New Mexico as a state that isn’t friendly to business. Why do I want to move to a state when all I see is negative but true facts about New Mexico?

  3. New Mexico is riddled with social problems. The state is high on crime, high on DWI’s, high on teen pregnancy, high on school dropouts, high on people on the poverty rolls, high on state land controlled by government, high on taxes (business), and high on unwillingness to create incentives for businesses to move here or local businesses to expand.

  4. Banks in New Mexico are small and are burdened by Federal Legislation like the Dodd Frank Bill. The small banks of NM don’t have staffs of lawyers to wade through the regs and rules of Dodd Frank that lets big banks get bigger.

  5. New Mexico has high electric rates that are going higher due to Tom Udalls push for
    National Renewable Energy Standards, If I am going to build a big plant that uses a lot of
    electricity I don’t want to be in New Mexico.

  6. The cost of employing a person in New Mexico goes up yearly. If you figure in the Payroll Tax, Social Security and Unemployment Compensation, and all the expenses that come from an employee, starting a business in New Mexico doesn’t compare with the advantages of moving overseas.

  7. New Mexico is a small small market with a dwindling population and no money. Why would I want to build a plant in New Mexico when I have to ship products to real markets out of state. We only have the two east-west freeways, I-10 and I-40, through the state.

  8. Why do I want to move to a state when 2/3 of the Congressional Representatives make anti-business statements in print and vote against business in their daily Congressional day?

We could go on, but this is enough for starters. Business is in business to make money. If a business makes money it expands, hires people, provides better services and/or products to the people. If it fails to do this, it fails and goes bankrupt. Business and government have different goals, and different constituencies.

If our Congress people want to know what New Mexico can do to increase jobs, all they have to do is find GOOGLE and ask a few questions. There is nothing hard about it. Most of our Congressional Representatives like Big Government. They don’t give a damn about Business.

If you want business climate to change you best change the way you vote.


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