New Mexico Eating at the Big Government Trough

 Posted:  May 26, 2014

One would like to think of New Mexico as a vibrant, growing economy. One would like to think of people moving here to live, raise families, start business, enrich communities.

However, that is not the case. Our state is the most dependent state in the country on government money. We use more services and have more of our citizens working for the government than most any of the other 50 states. While other states adjust to the times and make things easier for capital to move into their state, New Mexico follows the same old tired pattern. We let our politicians feed us with dollars from other states. We let a private sector (between 60% to 70% of the state) try to finance a public sector (around 30%).

Fortunately, we do have a Constitution in the state that demands balancing the budget. That means that our state can not continue to maintain services to citizens without the federal government’s massive inflow of money.

One local politician Senator Arthur Smith of Deming has said it simply – “In time, there will be a reduction in federal spending regardless of who is President. I don’t want our state to be the bug on the windshield …”

Without the tax revenues from natural resources, and a huge Permanent Fund from royalties on oil and gas, our state would be totally helpless.

Tom Udall, up for election, has maintained his commitment to make us the most dependent state in the Union. He has pushed to shut down the oil and gas industry that is much maligned. He has pushed for big government programs of all stripes.

What happens when the money stops flowing? What happens when economics forces the federal government to shut down, stop all but most essential programs? How does a shrinking private sector keep paying for a growing public sector that have good paying jobs with great benefits?

Let’s try to take New Mexico off the top of the list for “deadbeat states”. Let’s try to demand more from our representatives than money and programs paid for by someone else. Instead of letting the public sector continue to mushroom, let’s stop and reassess, admit that it is not really ethically permissible to continue to live off someone else’s money.

New Mexico needs to be a self sufficient state and a place where people want to move, not a place where everyone is on foodstamps and disability.

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