New Mexico is #1 in Child Hunger and #2 in Adult Hunger

 Posted:  June 26, 2014

New Mexico continues to have staggering problems with feeding people. The state is among the top states in oil and gas production and has farms, dairies and ranches. However, 20% of the population is below the poverty level – this translates to 426,000 people. With the signing of the Farm Bill of 2014, food stamps were cut some, back to pre-stimulus levels. As a result, the attached article tells about a 1000 new families in a year having to go to a food bank in Las Cruces for supplemental food.

In New Mexico the maximum benefit is $497.00 a month and the average payment is $290.00 a month. The state spent 678.8 million in 2013 on food stamps for its people and, as a result of the recent farm bill, New Mexico will lose 47 million this year.

Tom Udall signed the farm bill which cut the food stamps but says he is fighting to keep the benefits. Signing a bill that cut food stamps, refused to label GMO’s in food products, and gave farmers subsidies doesn’t seem like helping preserve food stamps. Although Tom Udall voted yes for an amendment that would have kept the stamps at current levels that amendment was defeated.

So, instead of voting against the Farm Bill he voted for it, thus sealing the doom of New Mexicans depending on them.

The larger question is why, after all these years of Democratic control of the state and four of five Congressmen Democrats, New Mexico is still in economic doldrums.

The question is why does New Mexico continue to have a poverty state where hundreds of thousands of residents can not feed themselves or their families.

One only wonders what happens as the financial problems of the Federal government escalate to the point that there will be no money for food stamps, AFDC, and other services for those who find themselves without jobs or prospects?

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