New Mexico Oil and Gas Association Talks Oil in New Mexico

 Posted:  August 21, 2014


Staff from attended a meeting in Albuquerque and listened to an informative presentation by Matt Gonzales who heads up the Good Neighbor Program for the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association. This program is an outreach by New Mexico’s most important industry.

In the course of the presentation, several points were most salient:

  1. New Mexico is rich in energy.

  2. Tax revenues from the drilling of oil and gas in NM pays for 31% of the state government that we have.

  3. New Mexico has strict standards for oil and gas companies and it affects drilling in New Mexico. Companies, many times, just go across state lines and explore in Texas or Colorado.

  4. The oil and gas industry CREATES 60,000 jobs in New Mexico related to industry activities.

  5. Even in twenty five years, about 80% of America’s energy will still have to be generated by fossil fuels.

  6. The oil and gas industry has contributed huge amounts of money to the New Mexico Permanent Fund that helps future generations of New Mexicans.

  7. Fracking is not an endangerment to the water in New Mexico.

  8. New Mexico has counties (Santa Fe and Mora) that have banned drilling.

  9. The industry could bring even more jobs to New Mexico and money to the Permanent Fund if they had more access to oil and gas reserves on public lands, didn’t have the increasing number of animals on the Endangered Species Act that affects where and how they can drill.

  10. The industry are good stewards of the land and new advances in horizontal drilling make drilling footprints on the Earth very small.

It was also pointed out, by a member in the audience, that there were 12 bills in Congress lately that affected the New Mexico oil and gas industry in a negative way. Michelle Lujan-Grisham voted “yes” on all those bills.

Before you vote this November, think about which industry is paying the bills for the entire state.

At the minimum, it would behoove us to have representatives who were positive towards the most influential industry in New Mexico.

Check out Tom Udall’s attitudes and voting patterns on energy.

He has not been helpful.

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