New Mexico Pins the Tail on the ObamaCare Donkey

 Posted:  July 6, 2014

We don’t make things up at All the postings made are backed up by articles, facts, opinions, news stories, analysis and comments by experts and citizens in the real world. This article was written by a New Mexico physician, Dr. Deane Waldman, who is a member of the N.M. Health Exchange Board. He is in a position to understand healthcare in ways we don’t. These are his comments in a recent Albuquerque Journal Op-Ed. His numerous points are cogent:

“The important negative consequences of ObamaCare got lost in financial details, political posturing, and magical thinking.”

“ObamaCare is a massive shift of health care dollars from those who provide health care to bureaucrats who administer, regulate, oversee, and, in fact, control health care.”

“Insurance premiums were unaffordably high before 2010 and, for some, they are going higher.”

“ObamaCare may give ‘greater access’ but to something we don’t really want and ‘at a price’ neither we nor our grandchildren can afford.”

Tom Udall voted “yes” for ObamaCare, promoted and sold ObamaCare as a solution to healthcare issues in the U.S., said you could keep your plan, said costs would go down, then joined President Obama in delaying and modifying the law as its negatives began to ripple out into the economy and people’s lives. He doesn’t talk at all about ObamaCare and distracts with other talk on issues that are far less important to American’s than healthcare.

Ask Tom Udall why he chose to destroy American healthcare to gain coverage for a minority when there were plenty of plans to do the same thing cheaply, with better results? Ask him to speak to all the middle class who have lost their doctors, lost their plans, lost their hospitals, don’t qualify for subsidies and have higher deductibles and plans that sell them coverage they don’t need or want?

The rich can afford healthcare at any price. The poor get healthcare now for free at someone else’s expense. How is Tom Udall helping the middle class now?

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