New Mexico Ranchers Go to Court to Fight Tom Udall’s Mouse

 Posted:  October 2, 2014

This linked article below from the Albuquerque Journal shows the latest in a war between New Mexico ranchers and the Federal Government.

It is an old story with Tom Udall’s environmental buddies using the endangered species act to control land, intimidate New Mexico citizens, and flex their muscles.

We saw Tom Udall load half a million acres of New Mexico land into his wheelbarrow and have some of his staff wheel it back to Washington D.C. where they say they can take better care of it than we can?

New Mexico is a rural state and there are lots of hardworking people just like you that live there.

Tom Udall is no friend of ranchers and farmers in New Mexico because he supports and grows a big government stick that beats everyone into submission and makes everyone wait in line to get their papers stamped before they can build an outhouse.

Everyone knows that sometimes duct tape and baling wire are all that is needed to fix a problem.

The best place for big government is back in Washington D.C., Tom Udall’s real home.

Full article here >>>.

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