New Mexico Recovery Slower Due to Few New Startups and Expansions

 Posted:  August 10, 2014

The linked article below discusses employment in New Mexico and offers some not so startling conclusions.

  1. The formation of new businesses and the expansion of existing businesses in New Mexico is lagging.

  2. New jobs are not being created in New Mexico.

  3. The problem is made worse because of New Mexico’s reliance on government jobs and as money for government jobs drops, government jobs are lost.

  4. There is a lack of entrepreneurial zeal in New Mexico. The desire of locals to start a business is not here.

  5. Financing for a new business remains difficult.

  6. Uncertainty about the future dampens business activity.

  7. The private sector in NM is smaller than other states and that means less jobs.

In this website there are articles and videos galore that discuss the affect of Federal government and State government policies that affect business in the U.S., and abroad.

Tom Udall might run ads about creating jobs but he is an armchair quarterback.

Until our representatives start looking at business as a positive force in the state and in the community, start to follow pro business policies, make it easier for small business to flourish, the prognosis is very bad for New Mexico.

Creating jobs is more than throwing taxpayer money at it, creating a new task force, holding a new conference, securing a new earmark.

Someone starts a business because the reasons to do it are greater than the reasons not to do it. Opening a business is a great risk and a lot of work and intellect.

Tom Udall runs his horses into the ground with too many bridles and whips.

If you want the private sector to flourish and jobs to open for your kids, yourselves, your relatives, you need to send Tom Udall into retirement. He has been in his government job way too long and you have paid for his excesses far too long.

Full article here >>>.

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