New Mexico Teachers Leaving the Profession

 Posted:  September 1, 2014

This report by the liberal Santa Fe Reporter, details why New Mexico teachers are leaving the field and won’t be back. Your child might be taught now by long term subs or uncertified teachers, but that is not unusual.

Part of the problem is the interference of government testing in local schools and the attempts to control curriculum and teaching methods used by teachers in their local classrooms.

Tom Udall supports the factory approach to education and it is almost certain that his own stepdaughter went to private schools in Washington D.C. in her formative years while Tom Udall was in the House of Representatives. With public schools being forced to educate illegal immigrants from Central America who don’t speak the language and also have some diseases that have long been absent form schools in our communities, you can thank Tom Udall for not considering the safety of your child.

Like Doctors refusing to take Medicare or Medicaid patients, teachers now are walking away from the job and school administrators are being forced to shuffle their feet to pick up the slack.

You might like to beat up on teacher’s but here at, we know that teachers have a difficult job made more difficult by lots of factors in society that were not in play when we went to school.

Better get a computer because that might be the best place to get your child interested ion learning, and actually doing it.

Full article here >>>.

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