New Mexico Young Voters Lean Towards Staying Independents

 Posted:  July 7, 2014

The article linked below from the Albuquerque Journal discusses the tendency of younger voters to register as Independents and not choose a political party.

The reasons stated by those interviewed ranged from dissatisfaction with lack of co-operation between parties, the fact that parties require an all or nothing allegiance, and that the young, themselves, are split on various issues. Some are fiscally conservative and socially liberal, others do not feel either party represents them.

Other items of interest show that, in New Mexico, Democrats have more registered voters in all age groups. Also, young people typically don’t vote in the same numbers as the older age groups in off year elections.

The bottom line, for this election, is that independents are a force to be reckoned with and independents will change the election results if traditional Republicans and Democrats vote party lines. The numbers of independents are growing in New Mexico and reflect movement in peoples thinking about government and their representatives. concerns itself with profiling Tom udall, one of New Mexico’s current officeholders in Washington D.C. It is concerned with making sure that all New Mexico voters know about the real Tom Udall. As stated repeatedly, Tom Udall is not a moderate, not an independent thinker, not a bi-partisan kind of guy. If you are looking for a man who can bridge gaps between parties you are not going to find it with Tom Udall. Study his career on this website. All the information is here. Learn what motivates Tom Udall. Learn how he votes and who his votes help and hurt. Learn how what you thought about him from his public persona is probably not true.

Young people, of all of us, should turn out and vote in an informed way. They are going to be paying for the results of this election in more ways than one.

Full article here >>>.

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