New New Mexico Senate Poll Puts Weh Within Four Points of Udall

 Posted:  October 29, 2014

The linked article below from the New Mexico Telegram has the results of yet another poll in New Mexico.

It has been a sleepy election on the surface but when Tom Udall has NO signs on the streets in Albuquerque you wonder if he is still in bed sleeping?

If you click on the links within the article you will find the actual questions the polling group asked people.

The most salient feature was that the poll showed the race close and there were still 11% of the participants who were undecided.

Tom Udall is not our choice for Congress. He is not capable of thinking independently from his party for the good of all New Mexicans. He has voted for significant legislation that has crippled the economy of the country overall, and New Mexico in particular. He is a member of the ruling elite that has sent the middle class to the time out center in favor of international trade, big banks and Wall Street, and progressive policies that want to make the Federal government the center of all you think and do.

Full article here >>>.

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