Newspapers Just Give You Something to Wrap Your Trash in These Days

 Posted:  July 7, 2014

Fewer and fewer people actually read these days. Most of the problem is that there is nothing of news written in papers and what is written there is more fawning fan letters than investigative reporting that would help anyone who can still read understand why the world is so topsy turvy.

In the article linked below from Investor’s Business Daily, the media are taken to task.

“You’d think that a government audit showing how ObamaCare couldn’t tell whether millions of enrollees were eligible for subsidies they’re getting would be front page news. Instead, the press hid it from view.”

“Reports by the Health and Human Services Inspector General revealed widespread systemic failure to prevent costly mistakes like enrolling people who were not citizens, or paying too much in subsides … The IG said federal exchanges were incapable of resolving the inconsistencies.”

“Taxpayers are being put on the hook for billions of dollars in improper subsidies.”

The article concludes with a sad statement of fact. It states, simply, that the cheerleaders for ObamaCare, after declaring the giant albatross a glowing success, just couldn’t, all of a sudden, admit that it was a costly failure.

We want to hear Tom Udall give his patented speech about accountability, about how much people need healthcare, about how ObamaCare helps the middle class after taking away their Doctors, their Health Plans, jerking up their deductibles, and making them take services they don’t need. You have heard it all and so have we.

We believe Investor’s Business Daily and the Inspector General who made this official report.

Tom Udall can’t even make sure the V.A. lives up to their promises to Vet’s. How is he going to do with guaranteeing your health?

Full article here >>>.

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