Next Land Grab: Red River, New Mexico

 Posted:  June 25, 2014

You thought it was all over in New Mexico but Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich aren’t done yet grabbing properties for their environmental portfolio. They took half the state in southern New Mexico, are working on Otero Mesa near Alamogordo, got hold of land surrounding Santa Fe and are moving, like Conquistadors, towards Red River.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been living and working on the land or how far back your ancestry goes. The Feds want your water, your land, your mineral rights, your rights to live in peace. You don’t need it; but they do.

I guess it is better that a few tourists from out of state get to stand by the road and look out at thousands and thousands of undeveloped resources rather than native born New Mexico people use the land for things that might make real jobs and a way of life for themselves. After all, New Mexico isn’t as important as Washington D.C.

Tourists are here today and gone tomorrow and usually pack their own lunches.

The rest of us live here, or, at least, we used to.

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