No Matter What Politicians Say, New Mexico Has Real Issues

 Posted:  June 10, 2014

The article linked below was published in November 2013 by 24/7 Wall Street. It was a report on the best run and worst run states in the country. Regardless of problems one might have with methodology etc, this report was obviously viewed by C.E.O.s and businessmen who follow the source. If one had money to invest and was looking for a place to grow and be part of the community, New Mexico would not be a place they would come to.

As the article points out, lots of New Mexico’s problems were not caused by current administrations who labor under decisions made, sometimes decades before, by members of the opposing political party. Still, states have to play the cards they have.

One interesting point was that some of the best run states on the list were energy rich. Other states, that were energy rich, were not living up to their potential (New Mexico).

This is the report on the state of New Mexico. It is an eye opener.

“New Mexico ranked this year as the 2nd worst state in the country, scoring better than California by only a small margin. One measure that helped the state was its credit rating. Standard and Poor’s rates the state as AA+ and Moody’s rates us as Aaa. The state has a debt load relative to its size that is average. It’s budget shortfall of 8.3% for going into fiscal year 2012 was better than many states.Outside fiscal management,however, New Mexico performed poorly in several areas. The state was along the worst 10 nationwide for violent crime,high school graduation rates, and health insurance coverage. More than 1 in 5 residents fell under the poverty line. Last year the state GDP was just .02%, worse than many other states.”

So, the fasts are clear. New Mexico is not in good health and California, despite all its natural beauty and advantages, is the worst state in the country. One wishes Tom Udall would quit voting for bills California likes, and start taking care of New Mexico business.

Full article here >>>.

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