No Mr. Monteleone of the Albuquerque Journal: Tom Udall is Not Moderate!

 Posted:  September 16, 2014

The Albuquerque Journal routinely tries to picture Tom Udall as something he is not.

Tom Udall is a most partisan Democrat who votes with the most progressive members of his party over 94% of the time.

Tom Udall has been voted among the MOST LIBERAL members in the U.S. Senate.

Tom Udall does not sponsor many bills that have bi-partisan support.

Tom Udall follows Barack Obama nearly 100% of the time.

Tom Udall won’t do debates for this election.

Tom Udall has written a letter to the IRS to scrutinize opponents and HAS BEEN CENSURED
for it.

Tom Udall routinely refers to those who don’t agree with him as “obstructionists”.

Mr. Monteleone is a long time apologist for Tom Udall.

If he did a little research on this Website, which he knows about but refuses to consult, he wouldn’t be publishing ideas for voters that Tom Udall is MODERATE.

This is just a flat out TRUTH BUSTER.

Full article here >>>.

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