No, the Government Was Never Going to Shut Down

 Posted:  August 30, 2014

Back in the heady days when it got to the point that deficit hawks actually tried to put brakes on government spending, it turns out that 80% of the Federal government was actually still going to work. It turns out that the Federal government had to decide which of their employees were essential and which weren’t, and 20% were deemed expendable.

Our question remains: If 20% of the Federal employees were deemed not essential, why do we need to have them working at all?

During those heady days, Tom Udall was demonizing all efforts to deal with deficits and maintained that shutting down the government would be an incredible hardship on the nation. He also claimed that those who were laid off should get back pay. We have never seen him suggest that for the private sector worker who pays for government, but we saw who licks his bowl of oatmeal.

We are sure there are going to be other moments when the massive deficit spending, borrowing and printing money back us all into a corner. We know what it feels like to reach our credit limit, owe lots of money plus interest. It takes a long long time to get back to a balanced credit card after you have been on a shopping spree. The Federal government’s credit limit is unlimited and Tom Udall always votes to keep it that way and pass the debt on to you. You see, he doesn’t pay for what he spends; he just runs for election on it.

When you figure that the Feds have a lot of dead weight and dead jobs, have to pay good retirement benefits when the dead weight retires, we don’t see the fiscal health of the country returning anytime soon.

The government was never going to shut down and when Tom Udall talks about saving us from this life threatening catastrophe of Biblical proportions, he is guilty of hyperbole.

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