No, We Aren’t the Only Ones Wanting to Hear From Tom Udall

 Posted:  August 1, 2014

There have been other postings on about Tom Udall’s reclusiveness. This is a good quality for some people but hardly good for a people’s elected representative.

The linked article below was run by a conservative Website RedState which is national in scope. It follows up on a local New Mexico blog that actually took Tom Udall at his word and asked him some questions to which they received no answer.

Where are you Tom Udall?

What exactly are you discussing behind closed doors?

It seems that us little people just don’t count in your world.

You ain’t going to get our vote, partner. We like to sit around the campfire and tell truth while roasting marshmallows, with a full moon, a wind through the pines, and a cold mountain stream tumbling past our tents.

Full article here >>>.

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