Nonsense Abounds but Here is a Topic That Interests Us

 Posted:  October 31, 2014

Linked below is an old posting but the information is as new today as when the original post was composed. In the morning Albuquerque Journal there were harsh words as the two Senate candidates bickered over who paid for their plane flights and who didn’t. We doubt either one of them cheated but the potential is always there with politicians from both sides of the aisle.

With the forest going up in flames it seems funny to be having a dispute about what color the water buckets are.

This post deals with Tom Udall’s extensive involvement with the Aspen Institute, a progressive think tank that has paid for a lot of Tom Udall’s educational achievements. We would like to know more about what he is learning there? Maybe that is where he gets his ideas about environment, sustainability, population control, surveillance of citizens, manipulating money supply ? Could that be where he gets his open borders ideas or his love of creating ever bigger government programs that provide services sometimes but also come with control over us.

We won’t know because no one asks these questions? Our New Mexico media just report nonsense and avoid asking more deeply into what is influencing the men who have been elected to represent us?

We want to know what the Agenda 21 and Tom Udall have in common? We already know that he reads their playbook and in completely on board.

Full article here >>>.

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