Nope, Tom Udall is Not Moderate on Immigration Either

 Posted:  June 13, 2014

Numbers U.S.A. is a non-partisan group that follows all Congressmen on their positions and votes on protecting our borders. They are all for following existing laws on immigration, on having a good legal immigration policy that lets people come to the United States. They are not for an open borders situation we now see which places border states in a crisis situation on a daily basis.

Illegal immigration is the issue and has been the issue. A nation needs to protect its borders or it isn’t a nation. Countries all over the world have border security and anywhere you travel you need to have a passport and documentation about where you will be staying in a foreign country and state your reasons for visiting.

Immigration is a much bigger issue than America being a land of immigrants. It is a bigger issue than re-uniting families or coming out of the shadows. With illegal immigration you have issues around anchor babies, giving work permits to foreign students to work in high tech jobs that your son or daughter are trying to work in to. You are dealing with criminal activities and infectious diseases. You are dealing with marriage licenses, incarceration of illegals who break laws here, massive use of social services, and the lowering of wages by an influx of workers who will work for less and are not always doing jobs Americans won’t do. Immigration is a huge issue and a complicated one.

Tom Udall earns a grade of “F” from Numbers U.S.A.

This means that he has taken a stand on immigration that says anyone can come here when they want by crossing our border illegally.

Illegal immigration, favored by business, is not helpful to the U.S. Legal immigration, controlled and regulated, is helpful for the U.S.

Tom Udall will usually say that he is for a strong border, for getting a handle on the inflow of people crossing the border at night, in the desert, with backpacks and candles for light.

That is just another Pinnochio by Tom Udall. Tom Udall is not a Moderate on any policy.

The Moderate Tom Udall comes out at election time. After the election is over, he reverts back to his Progressive roots.

If he wants to help on immigration he can do something with the Legal Immigration System already in place for the world to use. There is no one that will stand in his way on that task.

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