Now More Than 50% of N.M. is Owned by the Federal Government: Thank Tom Udall

 Posted:  May 26, 2014

A few days ago only 41% of our state was owned and managed by the Federal Government. With the movement of one man’s pen (Obama’s) and the insistence of Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich and others, over 50% of our state is now owned and managed by the Federal Government.

There was a full page article in the Albuquerque Journal giving praise to those who pushed this deal through. There was no mention of the five years of bitter opposition to the bill by New Mexican’s who live in the southern part of the state who watched as 500,000 acres of land has just been taken away, erased from our state and brought under the control of the U.S. government.

It is true that lizards, coyotes, ants and cactus have brought out the champagne bottles for an an all night celebration. They are now the only ones who will enjoy the land, except for drug smugglers who have a nice protected fast lane for bringing their goods into the country. It is true that animals and plants are are more important than the citizens who live in the area and no development is far better than any development that might bring employment,money and opportunities for people who live here. Now, instead of ranchers and farmers and energy concerns using the land we will have government employees in uniforms patrolling the area keeping citizens from trespassing.

A look at the map of the accompanying article shows that the entire western block of states faces the same problems – federal encroachment. Happily, other states have Senators who are not rolling over and handing the keys to the store to the feds like Tom Udall.

It is nice to care about rocks and plants and birds and lizards, but it seems that caring about people is also a job for a sitting Senator.

Some will rejoice about wilderness land, but more should wonder why our Senators are so eager to increase federal control of our state? As this article cogently suggests, this is a decision that costs New Mexico a lot more than it is to get out of the deal.

Who is pulling Tom Udall’s strings?

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