Now That You Have Graduated From College, Work Becomes More Important

 Posted:  June 11, 2014

College graduations were not too many weeks ago. Now, all kinds of graduates are faced with the reality that they have to convince someone that they are worth money. Now they have to realize that when someone pays you money to do a job you best be making them money. Now, you have to network, fill out applications, and interview. You realize that the business world you have been taught to hate, has an agenda that doesn’t agree with you. Business does lots of good works in the communities they operate in and business people are good citizens. However, if a business doesn’t make money they go out of business.

This article, linked below, was written by the CEO of CKE Restaurants. He knows a bit about what business needs and why college graduates are having problems finding work.

The main culprits in the staggering unemployment of the young is government policies that make new jobs more expensive.

It is just common sense. If you make something less expensive businesses will use more of it. If you make something more expensive businesses will use less of it.

The current administration in Washington, and in Congress, needs to actually make it less expensive for a business to hire people. Talk is cheap and worthless. Talk doesn’t create jobs. Business is not a social welfare agency. Business creates jobs and employs many Americans. Few businesses are getting rich cheating customers or scamming on taxes. I’ll take business over the government any day. I can choose not to shop with a business. It is harder to choose not to comply with nonsensical laws that come out of Congress every day.

The last paragraph in the linked article is a must read. It is a personal statement by a man who knows a few things about jobs and the young.

You could start your own business. That is, if you can get a loan.

The chances of getting work improve if you change government policies. How you vote does make a difference in your future.

Full article here >>>.

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