Now We Vote on the Weather?

 Posted:  June 12, 2014

It all reminds me of the old saying that gamblers will bet on anything – how long it takes a fly to leave a nice plate of barbecue at the church picnic, how long it takes a drunk to ask for another beer, how long it takes a preacher to call all his congregation sinners. Now, it appears, the political class is asking us to vote for them on whether they can change the weather, or not.

All of a sudden we are not asked to decide whether politicians actually voted on fiscal policies that help the country instead of rich bankers. All of sudden we are not asked to vote on abortion or gun control issues that are great standards in any political year.

Now we are asked to vote for a political class based on how well we think they can change the weather. They are asking us to suspend our knowledge that they can’t do a website, or run the V.A. or even deal with foreign affairs. We are asked to vote for them because they can control Mother Nature and return to a pristine condition a planet that lost its virginity a long time ago when Adam and Eve first did their original sin.

Whether you believe in global warming or climate change doesn’t matter. Whether you believe man is harming the climate doesn’t matter?

What matters is that politicians, who can’t run on anything else, are asking us to forget all the things that they could change in order to vote for them on something that they probably will never change.

Emissions in the U.S. are at a twenty year low and unemployment is at a twenty year high.

There is a correlation for you to think about.

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