Now Your Church is Into Social Revolution

 Posted:  July 11, 2014

There is a movement afoot, particularly in the Catholic Church, called liberation theology.

Created in South America, home of the new Pope Francis, this theology takes a very active role for the church in helping what they see as poor and oppressed peoples. The church now takes a strong stance in overthrowing governments and laws and economic systems (capitalism) that they see as creating poor people and keeping them in the bottom rungs of the world’s citizens.

It is clear from reading about this theology that the Catholic Church has been very involved in the recent invasion of American borders from Central America. Without church help, support from American politicians and pro-amnesty groups, we would not be faced with a situation where we have thousands of children dropped off in the U.S. with no parents, no money, no food, no place to stay. and no idea what will happen to them.

Liberation Theology is alive and well in the America’s and the world. When we see President Obama visiting the Pope and the Pope calling for redistribution of wealth, then we see relaxing enforcement of border laws and talk about making illegal visitors citizens, you can see liberation theology at work.

Now, your church, is at work in the political sphere.

Churches do fine work in their communities. The big question is do they have the right or the responsibility to bring people from across the world to your community, against border laws of the U.S., and try to integrate them in the community as if they were citizens?

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