ObamaCare Actually Bails Out Insurance Companies Like the Big Banks

 Posted:  October 3, 2014

The Affordable Care Act actually has a bailout provision for the big health insurance companies who will lose as the premiums they charge you will not cover the services they are supposed to provide.

Tom Udall has recently tongue lashed Allen Weh for being for health insurance companies and against people getting care.

That is a tragic whopper.

Tom Udall voted for ObamaCare and supports health insurance companies who not only helped write the law but benefit greatly from it. The other group that benefits from the law are lawyers – no surprise since they give the most money to the Udall campaign.

Check out the information on the Healthcare Battleground issues on this Website and you will find article after article of how ObamaCare enriches health insurance companies.

Sorry to disappoint Tom Udall fans, but he is counting on voter apathy and stupidity for not fact checking.

We bailed out the banks and Wall Street and Tom Udall went along with it. Now it is time to bail out the health insurance companies. It is already happening.

Tom Udall, once again, says the opposite of what he does.

That, folks, is the precise definition of a career politician who is a lawyer to boot.

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