ObamaCare Creates Chronically Uninsured Class of Working and Middle Class People Who Can’t Get What Poor Get: Thanks Tom Udall

 Posted:  June 27, 2014

Tom Udall doesn’t talk at all about his greatest creation – ObamaCare. In fact, we haven’t seen him say a peep since the law has had to be amended dozens of times by the Emperor who knows a thing or two about using his pen and persuasion on a weak Congress that knows its place in the political scheme of things.

As more and more poor since up for coverage, helped by generous subsides by the taxpayer, those who don’t qualify for subsidies, the working poor and middle class, are left without insurance and health care. Imagine that – all the law has done is shift who has coverage and who doesn’t. Now, the poor who didn’t have coverage have it ,and the middle class, who had coverage can’t afford it because they are paying for the poor to have it.

ObamaCare, as this article states, “presents higher premiums, higher deductibles, narrow networks of Doctors and hospitals … ObamaCare plans are great for the poor but for working class and middle class it is disastrous … They can’t afford the plans because they don’t qualify for the subsidies.”

Tom Udall, we guess, just figures he will raise taxes again on anyone who has money to pay for the millions of new enrollees who are replacing millions who had insurance but just lost it when ObamaCare was signed into law.

It sounds a lot like theater to us, bad bad theater. It is passing laws just to pass laws without accepting that consequences always accrue. When one party has its way, on anything, Americans end up paying for it.

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